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Videos (Coming Soon)

When the tool-set is complete there will be video tutorials available here to help new users get started with building Mixed Reality Worlds.

Control List

Common Controls: (Controls that work in all Builder modes)

Camera - Right Controller Position and Right DPad
Up/Down - Zoom in or out
Left/Right - Rotate the scene
Right Hand Movement - Move the scene

*Right Grip Hold/Toggle -  From any builder mode you can swap to camera mode by holding the right hand grip button.  Additionally for vive users I added an option to make this a sticky grip (press to toggle on/off) since its uncomfortable to hold the grips for long periods of time.

File Manager - Left Controller DPad
While the file manager is active, left and right go forward/back pages.  Either up or down will return you to the last page.  The left DPad is not used for anything else in the builder tools.

Menus - Activated with Main Hand Button Presses when the 3D cursor is near the button.

Mode Controls: (Controls that are mode specific)
Right Button Press - Action - Vive Right Trigger / Oculus Touch Right Trigger or A Button.
*This button is used for some sort of primary action based on the mode.

Left Button Press - Back - Vive Left Trigger / Oculus Touch Left Trigger or X Button.
*This button has some undo type effect such as back or delete based on the mode

Hold Left Grip + Right Trigger Press - Shortcut - (Oculus Touch can press just B optionally)
*This button is a shortcut for common actions based on the mode.

Scaling - Up/Down
Cycling - Left/Right
*In most cases this is holding instead of pressing

(Additional Shortcuts could be possible and might come as user created options later.  But for now I feel it just complicates things to use more buttons.)

Mode Specific:

Select Object Mode: (The object nearest to your cursor is highlighted)

  • Action - Pickup (Go To Place Object Mode)
  • Back - Ignore object for this round (For when an object gets in the way and you cant target what you want)
  • ShortCut
    • Pose-able object -> Go to Pose Detail Mode without picking up object
    • Event object -> Activate Event
  • Up/Down - Adjust Cursor Position
  • Left/Right - Reserved - Coming Soon

Place Object Mode: 
  • Action 
    • Normal Object - Stamp Copy of Held Object
    • Pose-able Object - Drop Object (Go To Pose Detail Mode)
  • Back - Delete Held (Go To Select Object Mode)
  • ShortCut - Drop Object (Go To Select Object Mode)
  • Up/Down - Scale object
  • Left/Right
    • Normal Object - Rotate object in hand
    • Pose-able - Cycle Initial Pose (Can only be done once per new model)

Pose Detail Mode (Basic Version):
  • Action - Toggle Joint Rotation on/off (When on rotating controller, rotates the joint)
  • Back - Drop Object (if held) and Go To Select Object Mode
  • ShortCut* - Pickup Object in left hand
    • This is a slightly modified ShortCut key that only requires the left grip press
  • Up/Down - New Features Coming Soon (open/close selected hand/finger)
  • Left/Right - New Features Coming Soon (cycle selected hand/finger)

Adjust Lighting Mode and Explore Mode:
  • Action - NA
  • Back - Exit Mode and Return to Select
  • ShortCut - NA
  • Up/Down - (Adjust Lighting Only) Light Intensity*
    • Adjust Time of day to choose which light your adjusting.  Day or Night.
  • Left/Right - Adjust Time of Day

*Play Test mode controls are simply left stick for movement and Right hand presses for Action/Jump.  
Menu Commands: Menus that are activated with the 3D cursor will drive most everything else that is needed.
  • Layer Selecting
  • Layer Visibility
  • Position Locks
  • Save/Load/Exit
  • Grid Visibility Toggle
  • Start Play Test Mode
  • Choose Background/New Lighting System
  • Etc