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Building a Workflow

One of the main goals of Mixed Reality Worlds, is to design a workflow for a single person to put together an episodic story that can be released more rapidly than current episodic games.  Using VR, motion controllers, and pre-made art it is possible to create scenes in minutes.

Comics were used as a base for the story telling.  Instead of using animations, sound and voice acting which are all very time consuming and costly, stories will be told using a series of still frame scenes with posed characters and chat bubbles.  Stories can be short 1-3 scenes similar to the Sunday funnies comics and released as often as daily.  Or longer stories similar to current comic books released every 2-4 weeks.  And of course this also leaves the option open for stories of graphic novel lengths.

A splash of gameplay, if you want it

While not required at all, there is also the option of using the diorama scenes as 3rd person adventure zones or jumping based level by just dropping a character in the scene.  Using the comic style as cut-scenes and very simple mechanics for gameplay its possible to make a story more similar to old school adventure games like Kings Quest or Kyrandia.

AR Ready Design and Mobile VR

Another major goal is to make sure the content is available to as many people as possible.  VR is here now and provides an amazing visual experience.  However I was able to demo a Microsoft Hololens and it provides a similar experience for my model.  The only difference will be the background world where you are viewing the scenes.

Mobile VR also has a place in all of this and as it improves the experience will get closer to high end VR and AR devices that are the main target.  To make a scene mobile compatible you just need to set a viewpoint that the user looks at the scene from.  And of course be aware of the hardware limitations while building the scenes to avoid adding too much detail.

Art not required

This uses pre-made art, its more like setting up a scene with toys then drawing.  I for one cannot draw a good stick figure, let alone illustrate a comic.  Yet I have been able to put together scenes that are awesome to look at.  Artists will still be able to make use of their talents for building scenes, but it will come down to the quality of story.

The Future

Once the tools are finished, I plan to build and tell my own story.  However I will continue to add new models as they become available.  And the 3rd person adventure mechanics will continue to evolve.