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Got all the new controls worked in.  I was going to try and make everything a button menu, but its just too clunky.  Instead I found that keeping the controls grouped together well made it easier to remember what each control does.

Common Controls: (Controls that work in all Builder modes)

Camera - Right Controller Position and Right DPad
Up/Down - Zoom in or out
Left/Right - Rotate the scene
Right Hand Movement - Move the scene

*Right Grip Hold/Toggle -  From any builder mode you can swap to camera mode by holding the right hand grip button.  Additionally for vive users I added an option to make this a sticky grip (press to toggle on/off) since its uncomfortable to hold the grips for long periods of time.

File Manager - Left Controller DPad
While the file manager is active, left and right go forward/back pages.  Either up or down will return you to the last page.  The left DPad is not used for anything else in the builder tools.

Menus - Activated with Main Hand Button Presses when the 3D cursor is near the button.

Mode Controls: (Controls that are mode specific)
Right Button Press - Action - Vive Right Trigger / Oculus Touch Right Trigger or A Button.
*This button is used for some sort of primary action based on the mode.

Left Button Press - Back - Vive Left Trigger / Oculus Touch Left Trigger or X Button.
*This button has some undo type effect such as back or delete based on the mode

Hold Left Grip + Right Trigger Press - Shortcut - (Oculus Touch can press just B optionally)
*This button is a shortcut for common actions based on the mode.

Scaling - Up/Down
Cycling - Left/Right
*In most cases this is holding instead of pressing

(Additional Shortcuts could be possible and might come as user created options later.  But for now I feel it just complicates things to use more buttons.)

Mode Specific:

Select Object Mode: (The object nearest to your cursor is highlighted)
  • Action - Pickup (Go To Place Object Mode)
  • Back - Not Used
  • ShortCut
    • Pose-able object -> Go to Pose Detail Mode without picking up object
    • Event object -> Activate Event
  • Up/Down - Not Used
  • Left/Right - Start Cycle Object Mode (coming soon)

Cycle Object Mode: (Saves cursor position when starting this mode)
  • Action - Pickup currently selected object (Go To Place Object Mode)
  • Back - Return to Select Object Mode
  • ShortCut
    • Pose-able object -> Go to Pose Detail Mode without picking up object
    • Event object -> Activate Event
  • Up/Down - Not Used
  • Left/Right - Select next/last object (Order based on distance from start point)

Place Object Mode: 
  • Action 
    • Normal Object - Stamp Copy of Held Object
    • Pose-able Object - Drop Object (Go To Pose Detail Mode)
  • Back - Delete Held (Go To Select Object Mode)
  • ShortCut - Drop Object (Go To Select Object Mode)
  • Up/Down - Scale object
  • Left/Right
    • Normal Object - Rotate object in hand
    • Pose-able - Cycle Initial Pose (Can only be done once per new model)

Pose Detail Mode (Basic Version):
  • Action - Toggle Joint Rotation on/off (When on rotating controller, rotates the joint)
  • Back - Drop Object (if held) and Go To Select Object Mode
  • ShortCut* - Pickup Object in left hand
    • This is a slightly modified ShortCut key that only requires the left grip press
  • Up/Down - New Features Coming Soon (open/close selected hand/finger)
  • Left/Right - New Features Coming Soon (cycle selected hand/finger)

*Play Test mode controls are simply left stick for movement and Right hand presses for Action/Jump.  Custom Lighting modes have been removed for redesign.

Menu Commands: Menus that are activated with the 3D cursor will drive most everything else that is needed.
  • Layer Selecting
  • Layer Visibility
  • Position Locks
  • Save/Load/Exit
  • Grid Visibility Toggle
  • Start Play Test Mode
  • Choose Background/New Lighting System
  • Etc


Just wanted to share a preview video of a few features I am working on for Version 3.0.  Should be ready in a few weeks!

3.0 Features:
World Building - Link multiple dioramas together to create worlds instead of single scenes.

In-game Keyboard - No more blind typing or generic file names

Object highlighting - So you know what your about to pick up for sure! =P

Title Screen - Yup... a real one! =P

Calibration on startup. So scenes don't load in your face.

New viewer mode with better organized player created scenes.

Player set viewpoints - See the world as the author intended!

New control setup - In-game menus will drive everything. Required controls will just be 1-3 buttons depending on the mode. Menus will activate when looked at and have controls used on the current mode.  (Looking into custom hotkeys)

3rd Person character sandbox mode. Move, Jump, Action. Simple controls, think "build your own platformer". More actions will be added later.  (Check out the preview video in the MR Adventures Page.)

And more!



New website launched!  More updates coming soon.